Reading and imagery

When I read, I develop mental images of the places and people I read about.  Most of us do, I think.

One of my favorite fantasy authors is Katherine Kurtz.  As in the Adept series.

I was walking in Seattle one day recently and saw this doorway on the back side of a house.  Even though it’s been awhile since I read Kurtz’s Adept series, seeing this door immediately brought to mind an oddball recluse in the Adept series who – in the Kurtz’ books – lived in a house with a door that I had mentally imagined looked much like this one!

I was so struck by the similarity that I took a photo.



About Bekka King

I write memoir material and semi-biographic reflection on topics of my choice, allowing me to flirt publicly with an assortment of life fantasies. Follow me to lands maybe not so far away, where I wander into liminal places.
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