How we think when we read….

I was reminded this morning of a mental process I used when I was learning to read as a child.

When I was learning to read, I mentally spelled out every word I thought.  All day long, every day. This “spelling out of every word” appeared visually on a ticker-tape along the front of my forehead. When I would occasionally think a word that I hadn’t yet learned to spell, I would stop mid-sentence to consider how to spell the word.

A habit of a literally-minded child?  An over-active mind?  An early indication that I would become a writer?  Hmmm….



About Bekka King

I write memoir material and semi-biographic reflection on topics of my choice, allowing me to flirt publicly with an assortment of life fantasies. Follow me to lands maybe not so far away, where I wander into liminal places.
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