Bringing a sense of place to my fantasy tale

One of my favorite places in the world is Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham, Washington.  Visitors experience the wonder of a truly magical 240 acre forest within a small town in Northwest Washington State (Bellingham, WA).  A stone bridge and the waterfall it faces are very much the centerpiece of the park.

I grew up a few miles from this park.  It’s a place that attaches itself to the psyches of visitors.  When I took English 101 in college, one of our writing assignments was a paper about a place.  I wrote about Whatcom Falls Park.  When I ran into my English professor on campus about a year later, he commented that he still remembered the paper I wrote about Whatcom Falls Park.  It makes an impression even through the printed word.

I wrote that college paper over twenty years ago, but I’m still writing about Whatcom Falls Park.  I wish I had kept the paper I wrote in college so I could compare it to what I’m writing now.  I suspect that my writing skills have improved in the intervening years.  One thing I know for sure, though, is that there’s an art to bringing out the live experience of visiting the park on the printed page.  My own attachment to this magical place, I think, will help me bring out its’ wonder in the fantasy literature I’m aiming to finish this summer.  I am looking forward to bringing Whatcom Falls Park to readers.



About Bekka King

I write memoir material and semi-biographic reflection on topics of my choice, allowing me to flirt publicly with an assortment of life fantasies. Follow me to lands maybe not so far away, where I wander into liminal places.
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