Finding a story…and discovering…

It’s been an interesting journey as a writer shifting from other genres into fantasy.

My own experience has been echoed by other writers.  Stephen King writes in his book “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft,” about book ideas appearing to him (I forget his exact wording, but I came away with a vague memory of story ideas “showing up” in his mind).  Other writers, too, sometimes mention writing stories that appear to them, being the conduit for stories, and/or writing stories that “need to be told” rather than being the creator of stories.

This concept of having a story come to me – rather than me creating it – has been my experience, too.  The germ of the story idea rather “hit me between the eyes” and just wouldn’t go away.

I’ve had several ideas over the years that “just wouldn’t go away.”  A trend is that these “just won’t go away” ideas have a way of becoming big projects…..Everything from book ideas to starting a nonprofit.  I’m wondering if I should stop listening to these ideas that “just won’t go away.”

While writing isn’t new to me, writing fantasy is.  While the genesis of the story for “Uncharted Passage: Toward New Realms” stuck itself in my mind’s eye – literally – the end of the story wasn’t apparent when I began writing.  If I knew the ending when I started, the story would already be completed.  Rather, I knew I had the beginning of a story embedded in a topic that I was trying to figure out myself.  I had a fairly firm idea, though, that something needed to be told.  So, I started writing what I had.  As I did, I had to find ways to articulate what I already knew.  This has brought things into focus for me as well as for readers.  Focus for an idea for which I very much wanted clarification.

As such, I have ended up writing in “fits and spurts”  as the story has slowly revealed itself.

Once I’d written a fair amount, I opted to publish “what I had” and publish the ending in a sequel.  Thus, several readers have been introduced to the nucleus of the story in the already-published “Uncharted Passage: Toward New Realms.”  Once it came out, though, a reader has convinced me to re-publish the first publication with the ending included.  That will be done once the ending is complete.

I’m looking forward to find out how the book is going to end!  One thing I know for sure, though, is that fantasy isn’t always fiction.  We already know that, though, don’t we?  The nonfiction books we love the most are….well….. not really fiction at all.


About Bekka King

I write memoir material and semi-biographic reflection on topics of my choice, allowing me to flirt publicly with an assortment of life fantasies. Follow me to lands maybe not so far away, where I wander into liminal places.
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